CLI, Repositories, GitHub & Git

Day 2 of the Bootcamp! Today we met Professor Polk for the first time through our Zoom meeting. She gave us a run through of Developer Fundamentals that we need including the use of the Command Line Interface (CLI), GitHub and Repositories. The CLI on my Mac is the Terminal – this is where you can command your computer to work with files without using a Graphics User Interface (GUI) as you normally would with the finder. Knowing the CLI and the appropriate codes will come handy in working with Repositories and GitHub. Repositories are essentially files on your computer that house your code and also show changes made to the code as it progresses to its final state. This is a great tool to use within collaboration and to show your thought process and problem-solving skills. GitHub is a large web-based platform where the repositories live on the cloud and can be referenced when working in groups or with multiple computers. Git is the software that is used to communicate between Github and the repositories on your local machine. I don’t fully know how to use them quite yet as this is all super new to me, but looking forward to getting a deeper understanding on how these tools will become essential to development.

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