Tech Hire Open Code Bootcamp

I was recently admitted into the web development vestibule program of Tech Hire Open Code as part of LaGuardia Community College, General Assembly, Udacity, and Software Guild. Today was our first full day, which was all done virtually through Cisco’s WebEx Program and Zoom. It’s my first time learning in such a capacity and I’m excited for what’s to come.

One of the first things we learned was the importance of documentation and outlining the progress one makes as a web developer. Not only does this allow the developer to measure their own progress, but this allows other developers and collaborators to learn about their problem-solving with code.

We also learned the standard of doing morning (aka stand-up) and exit prompts in the tech world – where team members individually state their causes and concerns before and at the end of each day. This creates a good model to check-in both mentally and professionally each day as well as set an intention.

In addition to the above, the Tech Hire program uses a popular collaborative workspace called Slack, which includes various channels for different topics, the ability to share files and code snippets and to direct message with others in your group. I’ve used Slack before in other groups and thoroughly enjoy the format of the software.

Going forward in the course, I am excited to start the prework section of General Assembly and to learn the fundamental programming languages of front-end web development: HTML/CSS & Javascript. I hope to make it into the next round of the program where there is a chance we will learn more back-end programming languages.

I want to develop advanced coding skills, creativity, problem-solving and efficiency in coding. I would love to develop the confidence to move from being more of a hobbyist and beginner in tech, especially programming, to being a career-ready professional on the path to having expertise in the field.

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